Y? I shoot in natural lighting.

I believe that studio shots are inconsistent with life. Shooting in natural outdoor lighting enhances the spontaneity and essence of the model. The sunlight gives the image a realistic quality rather than a sterile and stiff studio look.

Granted, a studio shot doesn’t rely on the weather or time of day, but then a studio shot can’t capture the background of an ocean or buildings. Also, lights can still be used outdoors as fill flash and enhancement, but, again, can a studio provide what we see as life?

Y? I shoot digital.

Technology has grown exponentially within the past century. Today, we are in a digital freak swing which constitutes our reality and the inevitable growth for adaptation of the machine. In just, photography is a development from a primitive art form, painting. The development and improvements of capturing reality continued to evolve.

Now, photography’s evolution has come to an expectation of convenience and quality of that luxury. When I shoot digital for clients, there is an immediate ease felt when I show the client an image that I had just shot as well as the client having a CD of images that they can instantly see without having a proof sheet. Also to mention, the client can print one photograph or one hundred photographs at their luxury.

This is my answer to a question that is as photography a constant advancement of life.

Y? I shoot!

I have been shooting images for nearly ten years. At first, I used photography as an extension of my painting and fine art concepts that I was developing. Also, I found a means of employment that would be more expansive than if I would have stuck with painting.

Now, I have found even more fulfillment as a photographer because not only can I express my creative self, but I have met others who have the same passion for the arts. Be it theater, music, or fashion, these mediums of art contain within my clients the same ambition and achievement that I hold to my photography.

Of course, I am a painter and a poet, but foremost I am a photographer. An artist sees inside themselves in order to witness what they create as well as what has been created. With photography, I craft what has already been created; I manipulate even further what is already beautiful: actor, nature, musician, and model.