Dancing Eyes

Sometimes the image isnít the image you believe to see within your imagination. It becomes a personal representation of your thought crafted to reflect your effort by a vision.

If, though, your vision is brought forth with detailed conception, then you have produced a masterpiece with a resonance that stimulates visually. It becomes harmonic to the eyes as in comparison to our ears that listens to rhythm. We dance with amazement and awe of vision, we dance with our eyes.

Vice Versa

If you create from an objective conscious with materials, then you will produce a subjective piece of art. You are creating to produce what you envision, but you can never achieve with definition its objective because imagination is endless.

If you create from a subjective conscious with materials, then you will produce an objective piece of art. You are creating to produce what develops as a vision, but you can never achieve with definition its subjective because imagination is endless.

Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free

My photography extends from indulging the experience of life. Envisioning what there is to see. Everything is a picture to behold. I abstain from the judgment of an image in order to subsist within the composition. Be it grotesque or pleasing to the eye, I observe the quality of the photograph within a creative perspective as would a doctor regarding his patient. Of course, enveloping the atmospheric enlightenment details the focus of a photo, but it specifies, too, the quality of a photograph and not just an imaginary ruling.

Looking Through

The lens has become for me more than a means of just taking a picture. The development of my passion through the camera is still a growing undertaking to which perfection can never be reached as well as any other medium I choose to use. With no doubt, this perspective is self-defeating only because of the relative understanding of ego, but this acknowledgment achieves the greatness that we all attain: life.

Experience, venture, and education construct within life the augmentation of being. And having become an artist contained by this essence, my art is simply an extension of me, mind, body, and soul, looking through.

I Knew I was New

If this is your first experience or you have been through this numerous times, then you should still see this as a new adventure. Taking a headshot, modeling shot, or a band photo should be an exploration of self or band. You have to see this as vacation of being yourself, and let go of the pretense that I am "this" because you may find you're "this" instead. The direction to go is just to go, and then you'll find yourself being you rather than a feeling of being lost or confused with yourself. You'll see it as a solid understanding of self. After the images are produced, then you can see the truth to how you felt. I've heard testimonies that "Ya, I didn't feel it there, but I can tell in this photo that I had more confidence." Let go of trying. Having an image taken of you, should only be just that- yourself. Of course, you may want to come across with a characteristic emotion, but trying to get that look isn't getting that look. So, now, you can be new without being new.

All Is Considered

Wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, model, and photographer are all the conglomerates of a montage called art. What comes through in the photograph are all of the qualities and dedicated work that is articulated by each of the positions. No rock should be left unturned...even though it's a damn mountain sometimes. Time and consideration needs to be the pretense of development. Relying on instinct is the craft, but knowing its direction of the reaction is perfection. The piece then attains a controlled chaos that overcomes the separation to unify all aspects of the project. Each individual is considered to be the artist that connects the photo to a final product of art, and therefore all is considered.

a Model is now a Doll

Modeling is an aesthetic which is contrived to radiate the essence by becoming a moment in timeless motion. The act must stand in purity of the emotions expressed by the model. Having the intensity within a pose needs to be the follow through of action, whether or not the pose portrayed is necessarily intense or emotionless. This gives way to a pungent relation of model and photographer. It sterilizes the image by a certain truth that dictates the photograph. Sometimes this moment is divine. I know it, the Model knows it, and then the Watcher knows it. The model now becomes the doll displayed in a glass frame of time.